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2021-11-22 Black Friday Sale: Parallels Desktop 17 (20% off) via @__tosh

2021-09-29 15 iPad mini 6 games tested under A15 Bionic via @__tosh

2021-09-28 25 iPhone 13 Pro games tested under A15 Bionic via @__tosh

2021-08-07 Apple Arcade Surpasses 200 Games via @__tosh

2021-06-27 Parallels Desktop 16: Birthday Sale (25% price discount) via @__tosh

2021-04-19 Microsoft xCloud Beta for iPhone and iPad to Launch This Week via @__tosh

2021-04-04 Apple adds more games to Apple Arcade including new titles like Fantasian as well as classics like Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Solitaire, Threes and Monument Valley via @__tosh

2021-01-15 Apple begins blocking M1 Mac users from side loading iPhone and iPad applications via @__tosh

2021-01-14 Dolphin (Nintendo Wii/GameCube emulator): 30-50% speedup as well as improved stability from native M1 support on Apple Silicon Macs compared to Rosetta 2 via discord:plex123,goldmaster11

2021-01-14 Apple might stop sideloading of iOS games (and other apps) on Apple Silicon Macs in a future version of macOS Big Sur via discord:goldmaster11

2020-12-31 MoltenVK 1.1.1 brings Vulkan support to Apple Silicon Macs via @__tosh

2020-12-30 10 Best FPS Games on M1 Apple Silicon Mac via @Andytizer

2020-12-26 Parallels Advanced Gaming Setup Guide for M1 Apple Silicon and Windows 10 ARM via @Andytizer

2020-12-24 The Game "Inside" is free today in the Epic Games Store via @__tosh

2020-12-22 Apple working on 2021 Apple TV with stronger focus in gaming via @markgurman

2020-12-22 Steam Winter Sale is on until January 5th 2021 via @Andytizer

2020-12-22 JoyMapperSilicon adds support for Nintendo Joy-Con and Nintendo Pro controllers to Apple Silicon Macs via @chenqibin99

2020-12-22 Experience Report: M1 MacBook Air vs Intel MacBook Pro 16" for gaming via @__tosh

2020-12-18 Great News for Game Compatibility: Fallout 2 runs well via Parallels on Windows for ARM via @Andytizer

2020-12-16 StepMania 5.3 is one of the first native games for Apple Silicon Macs with full support for controllers and pads via @TeamRizu

2020-12-14 Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.1 adding support for CS:GO and full screen support for iPad games via @__tosh

2020-12-09 Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to iOS in Spring 2021 via @__tosh

2020-12-08 Google Stadia arrives in eight new European countries via @__tosh

2020-12-05 EVE Online: CCP Games developing a native macOS client via @PeterBlanc11

2020-12-02 Baldur's Gate III: Patch 3 released, adds support for Rosetta 2 via @MrMacRight

2020-12-02 Apple names Disco Elysium "Mac Game of the Year 2020" via @__tosh

2020-12-02 Mac version of Metro: Exodus in the works according to 4A Games via @Andytizer


Traditionally Macs are not considered very gaming friendly.

Compared to Windows PCs the Mac game library is smaller and PCs
typically come with broader support for GPUs many games get optimized for.

With the latest Apple Silicon Macs this is about to change.

Apple currently offers 3 different systems on their new Apple Silicon architecture.
The MacBook Air (M1), the MacBook Pro 13" (M1) as well as the Mac mini (M1).

While all 3 come with slightly different thermal design approaches
and various options like 8GB vs 16GB of RAM
and in the case of the MacBook Air options for 7 vs 8 GPU cores
first real-world tests indicate that all variants of the Apple Silicon Macs
are in the same ballpark when it comes to gaming.

That said, make sure to check the sheet for performance reports
about the games and specs you care about.

MacBook Air (M1)

MacBook Pro 13" (M1)

Mac mini (M1)


There are many different controllers marketed as compatible with iOS and Macs
but only a few are officially supported by Apple across
the whole Apple ecosystem for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and Mac.

This can cause quite some frustration when you find out that the controllers you just bought
are only supported on some devices under some conditions.

If you are looking for high quality controllers with broad platform support
the controllers listed here are the ones we recommend.

Xbox One Wireless Controller with Bluetooth (Model 1708)

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Xbox Adaptive Controller

PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

Apple on controller support: HT210414


Traditionally Macs are not considered very gaming friendly.

Compared to Windows PCs the Mac game library is smaller and PCs typically come with
broader support for GPUs many games get optimized for.

With the latest Apple Silicon Macs this is about to change.

When it comes to gaming first real-world benchmarks are showing
incredible results for all of the newly released M1 Apple Silicon Macs based on ARM.

With many games jumping in game performance from barely playable on Intel Macs
to buttery smooth 60 FPS on Apple Silicon.

The following is the most comprehensive list for gaming benchmarks
on Apple Silicon Macs. It is updated regularly and open for contribution.

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