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Traditionally Macs are not considered very gaming friendly.

Compared to Windows PCs the Mac game library is smaller and PCs
typically come with broader support for GPUs many games get optimized for.

With the latest Apple Silicon Macs this is about to change.

Apple currently offers 3 different systems on their new Apple Silicon architecture.
The MacBook Air (M1), the MacBook Pro 13" (M1) as well as the Mac mini (M1).

While all 3 come with slightly different thermal design approaches
and various options like 8GB vs 16GB of RAM
and in the case of the MacBook Air options for 7 vs 8 GPU cores
first real-world tests indicate that all variants of the Apple Silicon Macs
are in the same ballpark when it comes to gaming.

That said, make sure to check the sheet for performance reports
about the games and specs you care about.

💻 MacBook Air (M1)

💻 MacBook Pro 13" (M1)

🖥 Mac mini (M1)