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Witcher 3

is playable on Apple Silicon Macs via Steam & CrossOver

Performance Reports

device playable environment api fps resolution settings notes
💻 MacBook Air M1 8GB yes CrossOver

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40-60 FPS 1440 × 900 medium settings medium and low settings feel very playable (40-60 fps) with some hiccups, "turning on Nvidia hairworks crashes the game. there are some graphic glitches on transparent surfaces (windows). to play the game use following steps: - install Big Sur 11.1 or better - install crossover - add steam (64-bit!!) through the crossover installer - download DXVK through the crossover installer - right click on the Bottle you created and check the DXVK setting - open steam and download the game - run it not using DXVK causes the error message ""Your GPU does not meet the minimum requirements."" to appear reddit Steam
💻 MacBook Pro 13" M1 8GB yes CrossOver

use discount code SILICON to get 25% off
default? stable, playable, cutscenes play well but drops frames in default settings youtube Steam