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đź’» M1: MacBook Pro 13" 16GB no CrossOver

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Tried all resolutions 1440p , 1080p and Native Tried all kinds of different settings in game: low, medium and high. Also tried different resolutions. Opening menu is ok, but since I can’t load any further, no idea what in game performance might be, Hi there. Can anybody please help with “Torchlight III” .The steam version. I have tried thru parallels running the latest arm Windows 10 build and Crossover 20. -Crossover launches to the main menu and character select screen of the game and then all the textures disappear. But doesn’t crash but it is unplayable with no textures. I have tried turning dxvk on/off and all the other graphic options in crossover settings. -Parallels version loads to main menu and just crashes/app just closes when trying to load the character select screen. Have help would be appreciated :-) Ps.. -Torchlight II runs fine Running on M1 MacBook Pro 16GB 1TB model with Big Sur 11.1 reddit Steam