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is playable on Apple Silicon Macs via iOS IPA sideloaded

Performance Reports

device playable environment api fps resolution settings notes
💻 M1: MacBook Air 8GB yes Native (e.g. default for Universal Binary) Ultra HD standard no hicups at ultra HD no keyboard support, no fullscreen but everything works, just click around iOS IPA sideloaded
🖥 M1: Mac mini 8GB yes Native (e.g. default for Universal Binary) Maxed settings or any settings don't make any difference fro the resolution, its always 720x560 or something. Really good Everything works, but not optimal controls even with "Touch controls" enabled. iOS IPA sideloaded
💻 M1: MacBook Pro 13" 8GB yes Native (e.g. default for Universal Binary) Default / cannot go fullscreen Default Great Run perfectly but touch controls, there is no keyboard mouse support (or i couldn't make it / didn't try gamepad) iOS IPA sideloaded