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is playable on Apple Silicon Macs via Steam

Performance Reports

device playable environment api fps resolution settings notes
💻 MacBook Air M1 16GB yes Rosetta 2 2880x1800 (max) high textures max resolution, most graphics options turned on on but a few items set to medium instead of high where you have options (like cloth physics, realtime lighting, etc) (see screenshots) Kingmakers always run a bit slow for me (I used to run it on a 2013 mbpro) you could probably get it a bit smoother by dropping the resolution or turning off the effects (I don't do that though...) but it's perfectly playable. I ran through a quest line, went to a bunch of different maps, fought some dues, did some dialog. It just works. The Air starts to get extremely hot on the bottom after a few minutes. But it did that with my old laptop as well. Steam