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is playable on Apple Silicon Macs via Steam

Performance Reports

device playable environment api fps resolution settings notes
🖥 M1: Mac mini 8GB yes Rosetta 2 1920x1080 Custom (medium) settings Just enjoyable 30-40 FPS. Loads fast, plays fairly well, no trouble so far. Steam
💻 MacBook Air M1 8GB yes Rosetta 2 20-30 FPS 1440 × 900 Medium default 20-30 FPS. No glitches or stuttering seen. Steam
💻 M1: MacBook Air 16GB yes don't know 1440 × 900 Default Small lag but I have a big base so that adds some lag, Steam
💻 M1: MacBook Pro 13" 8GB yes don't know 2560 × 1600 everything maxed out butter smooth, runs at 60 FPS without hiccups, Steam