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is playable on Apple Silicon Macs via iOS IPA sideloaded

Performance Reports

device playable environment api fps resolution settings notes
💻 M1: MacBook Pro 13" 8GB yes IPA, iOS side loaded but runs as if it is native on MacBook Pro M1 Limited at Phone vertical display; however it is top to bottom like iPhone 12 or Samsung S10+. I cannot pinpoint the exact resolution, but it looks like an iPad Pro resolution as I can see the background and even the cutoff of the playing field when the battle ends. Settings are not changeable like on iPhone/Android counterpart. Works super smoothly, I would even make a conclusion that game loads faster on my M1 MacBook Pro faster than it does on my iPhone 8 Plus. Game also does not do the occasional freeze when loading into the Shop on the M1. However, the split second freeze that occurs on Phones when a large or dynamic troop such as the PEKKA, Fisherman and Elixir Golem is deployed can happen on the M1, albeit a lot more rarely. All input is done on the trackpad; from navigating between the different slides to selecting and playing your cards in battle. It can be a nuisance to the user, but shouldn't be in the way after a few matches or if you carry over the 'select and tap to where you want to place your card' play style. Haven't tried my external mouse, but this should make a huge difference when plugged in. reddit iOS IPA sideloaded